Down and Out

Why is it after such a high, I feel so down? Like at any moment, if I were walking past a tall building, I’d be the poor fool whose head the piano would land on? I’ve just made one of my biggest dreams come true. I should be reeling, jumping up and down, but no. Deep in my stomach, I have this feeling of impending doom. Maybe it’s a fear of failure. Or bad meatloaf. Not sure, but I’d really like to see it head out. Maybe a strong drink and a peer group would help? 🙂


SoulEaters Book One: Black Soul Paperback Release

I am proud to announce that I’ve finally gotten Black Soul on paper! It’s taken much hard work from a crew of people. I’d like to start with a huge thanks to Cristian Mihai, the cover and interior designer and my goto man for all questions regarding publishing, promoting, and life in general. Thanks from the past, Cristian! He’s six hours ahead of me. 🙂 To my friends and family for the incredible support when my work schedule has been almost intolerable, I’d like to say sorry and thank you. To Leslie McSwain, for always helping me keep my head up when I started drooping. She always knew just what to say to keep me going when I got discouraged. To everyone else I might have forgotten, I love you all and hugs!

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