It sickens me to think that someone purposely set the fires in Western NC this last month. They were so close to my sister’s house, she could almost feel the heat off them. And to think, it was just some bored teenagers.

According to the news, two teens walked through the forest tossing matches. Did they even care that the forest’s animals would be left without a home, if they made it out of the fire at all? Did they care that the fires could have spread to people’s homes and killed them? Did they want animals and people to suffer?

Who ever knows what a person is thinking. It’s so hard this day and age to get children to understand that their decisions have a snowball effect. In this case, they had a wildfire effect. What the teens did spread from them, out into the world, and created catastrophe.

Kids, your actions have a reaction. Think before you act. Ten seconds of thinking at a time like that could literally change your world.


Help Me Save my Miracle Kittens

About three months ago, a friend of mine and I witnessed a pregnant cat get hit by a speeding car in front of my house. Long story short, we used motherly instinct to give the recently deceased mama a c-section.

All three kittens thrived after weeks of every other hour feedings. Now, a few months later, Gracie is sick. I took her to the vet, only to have the other two kittens come down with a fever. The vet said Gracie’s temperature was 106.3. He didn’t understand why she hadn’t started seizing. So, you can imagine my fear for Peppy and Tigger.

I depleted the houshold petty cash with Gracie’s vet visit. Now, I DESPERATELY NEED HELP.


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