A Tribute to Walt Disney (Beauty and the Beast)

I’d like to thank Walt Disney for being one of my biggest inspirations. Born just ten years before my Daddy, in 1928, Walt was born in Chicago Illinois, and co-founded the timeless Walt Disney Productions with his brother Roy. Winning 22 Academy awards, he was the creator of Mickey Mouse and various other Disney characters. Belle and Beast were my two personal favorites.

Over the years, the intriguing story of Beauty and the Beast has inspired many spin-off television shows, movies, and books. For my stories, it lent the elements of a strong-willed girl who envisions her man’s monstrous qualities as gifts instead of a curse.

Of all my novels, taking a whopping 8 years to write and perfect, Ever After (The Cursed Series) probably parallels Beauty and the Beast the most. It’s about a girl who inherits a house and a mysterious farmhand who protects her but can never quite bring himself to reveal his true feelings for fear of putting her in danger. At times, his appearance and disposition can be as alarming as Beast’s, but his inner beauty is as epic, immense, and heart-wrenching.

The moralistic approach in Walt’s storytelling, and the pure joy in my children’s eyes as they watch his movies or read his stories will stay with me forever. I only hope to inspire a tenth as much as he has. Thank you, Walt Disney for making a difficult life a little easier to bear, for being an inspiration.


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