RELEASE DAY: Ever Tempted


I’ve been waiting impatiently for this day for months. Ever Tempted¬†released today September 27th, 2016. It’s on sale for $0.99 at most venues. It was a fun novel to write as I continued the story of Cole and Allie. Their lives were so hectic in Ever After. They deserved a few chapters of peace. (Spoiler Alert.) Though Ever Tempted is filled with romance, they still have to contend with the ghosts in their past.

A few interesting tidbits about Ever Tempted.

*Set in a hotel room in Tennessee, the five houses and mansion on Pym Island in Victoria, B.C., Rollins Manor in Tennessee, and Rotherwood Mansion (a reportedly haunted, uninhabited mansion) in Kingsport Tennessee.

*The telepathic twins in the Cursed Series, Shelby Renee Moss and Kaitlyn Elyse Moss, have a witch friend named AnnaMarie. In real life, my daughter’s name is Anna Marie, my oldest daughter is Shelby and one of her school friends is Kaitlyn. Originally the twin’s names were to be Chance and Chasity. These two real life people helped me edit the first editions of the Cursed novels and deserved the highest of recognition, but my publisher asked me to change their names because I had too many ABC names–names that started with those three letters. It was too late to change the hero and heroine’s names because the publisher had already started marketing using Cole and Allie.

*The original names of the Cursed Series Books were: Curse of the Crescent Moon, The Secret Place, Infinity, Charmed, and Born Again. Of course, they were changed to make the novels more marketable.

*Ever After’s first original scene before the editing process was Allie riding in an airplane to Tennessee.

I’ll share other tidbits in other posts, but I thought you’d like to have some of the inside details pertaining to the production of the novels. I love to watch the production extras of every movie I attend or rent at home and love to learn about the early stages of production of the novels I’ve read. I thought you might, also.

Stop by and pick up your copy of Ever Tempted Book 2 of the Cursed Series at a reduced price for a short time longer.


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