Nights Like These…

Today has been joyous, but now I’m in the throes of insomnia. She has me in her hands and won’t let go. That would work just fine if I didn’t have a wild woman to care for tomorrow and a full night at the Haunted Pyramids in Lawndale, NC This particular haunted house was designed by the same man, Tony Cooke, who designed all the mechanical special effects in movies such as Hellraiser, Paul Blart–Mall Cop, and Taledega Nights, just to name a few. He’s a pretty awesome dude. He took me through some of the haunted houses just the two of us and I almost jumped into his arms a time or two :). So anyway, writing a smidge helped to bring on the melatonin. I feel that welcomed swimmy feeling washing over me and the screen is blurring. Or have I drank too much and forgotten to clean my screen? Either way, time to hang ‘er up and head to the bed.

Night sweet world!


Days LIke These…

Days LIke These...

Today has been one of particular joy for me. I’ve learned that stressing will get me nowhere. I must let go and let God. I have to kiss all my worries away and learn that he who holds the stars in his hands hasn’t dropped me…yet! 🙂

Cristian Mihai

The WriterI’m proud to announce that my novel, The Writer, is finally available on Amazon.

It took longer than usual, but that’s not such a big problem. From what I hear, B&N’s PubIt takes a lot longer.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you know about the novel. You’ve read about it here, you’ve read a short sample hereand I only mentioned it a couple hundred times in the past few weeks.

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National Fight Against Bullying Month.

Last night, my family and I sat down to enjoy a movie together, and instead of being entertained, I was moved to tears with the movie we chose: Cyberbully. The movie started with a group of seemingly normal teenage girls who are involved in all the token high school activities. They reminded me much of my girls. The movie carried me through some days in their life of high school. Times have changed so much. The kids in high school are soooo mean. To make a very long story short: the kids began to harrass one girl on a cite much like Facebook. The main character, as most teens do, felt the end of her world had found her due to the mean, crude jokes and posts put on her wall. The main character tries to take her own life due to the immense harrassment. The mother of the main character and the main character (once she’s well enough) decide to fight back and a law is finally passed prohibiting cyberbullying, for up till then the state couldn’t control what peers said to one another over the web. As a mother, it frightens me to imagine one of my children could ever be involved or on the receiving end of such atrocities. I wanted to speak out as a child who had been bullied and as a concerned mother to bring awareness to what may be happening right under our noses. Please speak to your children, share this movie (ABC family rating), and get involved. You could save a life.


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