I skunt my knee…Redneck Dictionary According to my Husband


In the Southern United States, people talk much differently than any other place. We have a dialect of our own. You’ll find great examples on any television show with the words alligator, swamp, duck, or boo-boo in the title. This doesn’t mean we’re not educated.

Okay, so maybe for some of us it does, but I promise, I have to talk like this for most of the people around me to understand me, especially at work. My husband is probably the best example of the funniest English you’ve ever heard. Here’s a small list of words that I’ll add to as he says them:

Skunt: adj.- tore off skin, rubbed off painfully, abrasion. Used in a sentence: I done fell and skunt my knee.

Ahertin: adj.-is hurting. Used in a sentence: My head shore is ahertin.

Spunt: adj.-to blow or waste. Past perfect tense of spent. 🙂 Used in a sentence: I went and spunt all my money on bows and arrows for huntin’.

Swole: adj.-swelled. Used in a sentence: I fell and skunt my knee, and now it’s all swole up.

Swoled: adj.-past perfect tense of swole. Have fun putting that in a sentence. No. Wait. I remember one: My elbow is ahertin and it’s swoled up. jk

Hambastring: n.-the muscle that runs down the back of your leg. Used in a sentence: My hamabastring is ahertin cuz I fell off the forklift and tore my britches.


Okay, that’s all I have for now. As Brant goes throughout the week and has his mishaps, I’ll tickle your fancy with some more.


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  1. Growing up in the south some of these are new to me even…but even the south varies in its own dialects with in itself, ‘don’t it?’

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