The Child of a Hoarder-Climbing from Under the Mountain

Often when I read a novel, especially one from a favorite author, I wonder who the author really is. Not just the quick little note, “Mr. Or Mrs. Or Miss Author lives in a small town with his/her wonderful family and sweet dog (or cat)” listed in the following pages or on the book jacket. I’m old fashioned and still prefer traditional paperback. Not knocking e-reading. Just a preference. So what makes us tick?

For me, that’s a long story. One I’m willing to share, and it’s not pretty. Well, some of it was happy, but mostly I was that girl no one wanted to be friends with or if they did they were very gracious. I was a wonderfully sweet little girl, but I had less than desirable living conditions that caused my clothes to stink. I also knew very little about personal hygiene due to parents who either chose to fight, or stay gone so much, I suppose they forgot or just thought a child came preprogrammed with such instincts. My childhood home was also so overran with dogs, that the animals voided in every possible bit of free floor space. It wasn’t unheard of for one to do a driveby leghike while you were standing there minding your own business.
My sister and I also used to play a game called Stomp the Roaches. At night, we’d turn off the light in the kitchen. After two minutes, we’d flip the light on, and squeal in delight as we stomped as many roaches as we could. When we started, there were normally enough to cover every two to four inches.
I grew up thinking everyone lived this way. It wasn’t until I fell asleep in my living room, probably in the floor, and a roach crawled into my ear that I started to wonder differently. Its legs clawed at my eardrum causing me agony for three days until it died. I told my mama over and over that something was in there. She did nothing about it till I began screaming and crying because
the roach struggled so that the noise became so loud it was unbearable.

To be continued…


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  1. Sorry to hear that you had a rough life like that. I had an experience of being with my brother & his wife who were in Tennessee & lived in an apt that had everything you could think of & couldn’t get rid of any type of bug there along with certain pesky animals that could crawl or maneuver through holes where they lived at. I also lived where there were bedbugs that would go from place to place. Since being homeless at that time, I would be messed with by them going through my pores when sleeping after eating a great dinner. They went in while body was resting & never knew until I would find them next to me. That really, really sucks!
    I also have been around where there were people I knew were keeping a lot of material things that was hard to get around. I only knew how to climb over things to go to 1 place to another. It seemed that everyone was lazy & never moved anything at all. I was young then too.

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